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At River Oaks Dental, our patient’s thoughts and opinions of our service mean a lot to us. We take all feedback into consideration and continue to evolve every day.  Want to see what our patients have to say about us? Please enjoy some of our patient testimonials below.


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I have been seeing Dr. Simpson for years, and have always been pleased with his professionalism. He shows that he really cares, and takes the time to explain things to me in detail.. not only that it needs to be done, but "why" it needs to happen. He always gives me options as well, so that I am able to decide what is best for my situation, including financially.

He is so knowledgeable and capable of handling anything, which is important to me to not have to be referred out to another dentist or oral surgeon. I have always been pleased with his work, and his competent staff. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Liz Tackett

Dr. Simpson is amazing dentist and has a passion for dentistry. The office is a great warming welcoming environment with great working staff. I was very cautious about going to dentist because like many I fear going. But after the appointment I made with him he made me feel like I was in good hands. I will be going to him again and if your looking for a great dentist this is where you need to go to.

- Cole

Dr. Simpson has been my dentist for 10 years or more. I am very glad to have found him. He and his staff are very professional and skilled in the latest tech. Works well with my insurance. Does a great job and I would certainly recommend him to anyone. I am a satisfied patient.

- Jeanne Walters

I've been with Dr. Simpson for 5 years now, and my teeth and especially my gums are the better for it. Besides cleanings, he also removed my wisdom teeth, which was easy and painless. The service is always friendly and prompt, which I appreciate greatly, but also, I can really see a difference in how my gums feel. No more bleeding, no more soreness, it's like they're "in shape," and it's due to the diligent care (and firm reminders to floss!) I get from Dr. Simpson. I've recommended him to many of my friends and coworkers as well. All in all, a great family dentist.

- Carmel Levy

Dr. Simpson has been overseeing my dental care for a long time. I respect his professionalism in earning certificates in advanced training programs and keeping his office equipped with the latest technology. Since we have gone to quarterly check-ups and cleaning a few years ago, it is a now a rare event if any other procedures are necessary. He keeps to his schedule, so there is no extended waiting for your appointment. I highly recommend him.

- Scott Mitchell

Dr. Simpson has been my dentist for several years. He has absolutely always been almost painless when working on a root canal or giving me implants. I have a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Simpson's wonderful dental work. He is definitely the best!

- Marie Heffernan

Dr. Simpson has provided excellent care to me as well as my family. He always takes the time to sort through all dental issues I have had. I have had bad experiences with dentists in the past but he has gained my trust and wouldn't let any other dentist work on my teeth. I also am impressed that he serves as a volunteer to other Lakewood Church members who do not have access to dental care.

- Christina Flores

After being in a very violent relationship I had had my front tooth knocked out. I was able to get into a program that would allow me to have an implant donated by caring and concerned dentists. From the moment I arrived he and Frank have been nothing but courteous to me; showing me different flossing and cleaning techniques. Dr. Simpson has treated me no different from a paying patient. He has made a permanent client of me. I will definitely come back!

- Lucits Dean

I was told by I was going to lose my front tooth and that I would need a bridge across 3 teeth by 3 different dentists. One even told me it would be better to connect all my front teeth so that it wouldn't stand out so much. I went to Dr. Simpson and he told me about having a dental implant that would replace only the tooth that I was going to lose. He did the implant and no one can tell it isn't my real tooth. Dr. Simpson saved my smile!

- Kiwi Boston

Dr. Simpson has an amazing way of making his client's feel at ease. He explains in detail whatever procedure one needs. His expertise says it all. He and his staff are courteous and professional.

- Robin Trussell

I have always had a great experience with Dr. Simpson. He is caring and compassionate and a great dentist over all. He is very talented and I love that you can have a crown put in the same day.

- Evelin Larios

Excellent customer service. Dr. Simpson truly does care about his patients! Great atmosphere and great service. Would recommend to others.

- Fredy Cabrera

i have seen Dr Simpson for over 2 yrs now and have to say he is the most loving and compassionate d.d.s i have ever been to. If you saw what my teeth looked like then as to now you wouldnt believe it. He has done remarkable work and i get compliments on it daily after 2 yrs. He makes sure i am pain free which is 2nd most important part. the first is his skills.....God given skills that he uses wisely. From cleanings, to root canals, to implants, and bridges he has completely made me over into a different and better person. Especially a more approachable person. My teeth were so yellow and gnarly i was afraid to smile....As i grew up as a child you couldnt stop me from smiling and when they got so bad i was ashamed and hid it as much as possible. Not anymore.you cant stop me now and it is a result of his great ecpertise. and i thank God everyday for it. many that knew me before asked for his number when they see the result of what it was then and what it is now. thanks doc

- Paul Stoeck

We at Vivio Sites have loved working with your clinic to set up your new website. Your entire staff was friendly and supportive, and your committment to providing your patients with the best information and resources is evident.

- Sanjay Shah, Vivio Sites Inc.
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