Houston Dentist Makes Dental Care Fun for Kids

It is important to encourage good oral health at a young age. This helps your children avoid cavities, gum disease and tooth loss. If you struggle to get your child excited about caring for their mouth, you have options. Consider the tooth fairy! Here are some tips to make tooth care fun again.
Introduce Your Child to the Tooth Fairy
Children will begin to lose their primary teeth in kindergarten. Before that happens, you need to encourage good oral hygiene, so you’ll want to start young. Teach your child that the tooth fairy only likes shiny, clean teeth. Because of this, they need to be careful to brush every day so they can earn a special gift when their teeth come out. 
Have the Tooth Fairy Bring Reminders
Keep the motivation going by offering little notes or gifts from the tooth fairy from time to time. This could include a new toothbrush or some fun toothpaste. Then, when the teeth do fall out, be sure you honor your word and reward the child. 
Use a Tooth Fairy App
There are several apps available to download that help bring the tooth fairy to life. Some of them will help your child to brush for the recommended two minutes per day. Others tell interactive stories to your children. There is even an app that allows you to call the tooth fairy to report on your child’s brushing habits. Kids think these tools are a lot of fun and they tend to motivate them to do better.
Get Excited about Dental Visits
Proper oral hygiene at home is important, but it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle. Regular dental visits are essential to the well-being of your child. If kids are scared of your Houston dentist it can make the visit more difficult. 
Talk highly about the upcoming dental visits and tell your child that the dentist is a worker for the tooth fairy. Let them know that the dentist can make reports to the tooth fairy and earn them special favors and rewards. The dentist can be like the elves to Santa if you will. 
Putting all these tools into play will help your child get excited about taking care of their teeth once again. 
If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your child's next dental appointment with your Houston dentist, please call our office at (713) 523-6641.
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