Laser Dentistry in Houston

Laser is a shorter name for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Being used in many dental offices currently, lasers are capable of producing narrow and intense beams of light in a single wavelength.  There are many new uses for laser in dentistry; some you may have never heard of.
Laser Dentistry
In 1991, the Food and Drug Administrating approved the first clearance for soft tissue surgery with a laser.  Since then, more dental professionals have come to utilize the techniques available when performing work with a laser.  
Laser surgeries are also becoming popular and more commonly used.  From the removal of unhealthy gum tissue to reshaping, lasers have found a place in modern dentistry.  They are less invasive and typically involve less tissue removal.  In addition, there is generally less pain and bleeding involved.
Why Choose Laser Dentistry?
Lasers can now be used to detect many common dental diseases in the earliest stages.  They can easily determine pit and fissure decay.  This enables the patient to receive early treatment and avoid costly or painful treatments later down the road.  
Lasers are also capable of finding dental calculus hiding beneath the gum line.  This tartar sticks to the teeth and can cause gum diseases if not treated properly.  In addition, the lasers have a way of finding oral cancers at the earliest stages.  This also allows treatment to start sooner and recovery becomes more likely.
The majority of dental practices are now being trained to perform procedures involving lasers.  If are interested in laser dentistry in Houston, please give our office a call at (713) 523-6641 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Simpson, your top 07798 dentist.  River Oaks Dental will be able to offer you wisdom and guidance toward the right plan for your oral care health.
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