Houston TX Dentist Provides Dental Cleanings


You probably know that dentists recommend that you come in for a routine dental cleaning twice a year. Yes, that’s even if you scrupulously brush and floss as you are supposed to. The dental cleaning provided by a professional dental hygienist goes beyond what you can do with a toothbrush and floss. A thorough dental cleaning will reach into those areas of your teeth that are difficult for you to get at, and will remove the mineralized plaque that can do so much damage to our teeth.


What to Expect


A professional dental cleaning has two main steps.


The first step is to remove the plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. This is a process called scaling, which the dental hygienist will do with either handheld manual tools or electric scalers. The hygienist will also seek to clean out any plaque buildup in the pockets of your gums.


The second step is to polish your teeth. For this, the hygienist uses polishers of different sizes and shapes, designed to reach into all the various sides, corners, and spaces in and around your teeth. This buffs the teeth, and also is another opportunity to get at any stubborn plaque that remained after the scaling.


Nowadays most people experience little or no pain from a dental cleaning. The typical cleaning lasts between a half hour and an hour. Though the cleaning is generally done by a hygienist and not your dentist, you can expect to see your Houston, TX dentist after the cleaning, for any examination, X-rays, or other services scheduled for your visit.

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