Cosmetic Dentist in Houston, TX Discusses Cheese & Your Dental Health

When hunger pains set in, you have many available options on how to soothe your stomach. Unfortunately, many people will turn to something starchy or sugary, but this leads to tooth damage. Instead, you should choose cheese. This healthy snack supplies many dental health benefits.
Why Cheese?
Numerous varieties of cheese are a great option for your snacking needs. In addition, cheese also has many benefits to your teeth. Here’s how cheese fights tooth decay.
Whey and casein proteins build your tooth enamel to prevent decay.
Chewing foods like cheese helps to stimulate saliva production which washes away the bacteria and sugar from your mouth.
Phosphorus and calcium are ingredients found in cheese which are known to strengthen bones.
What Cheese Should You Choose?
It’s important to know that not every cheese is good for your teeth. Choose these healthier options:
Soft-Ripened – Brie or Camembert
Aged – Monterey Jack or Cheddar
Blue – Gorgonzola or Roquefort
Avoid These Cheeses
It is in your best interest to avoid these options because they aren’t ideal for your teeth:
Cheese Sprays – All of these are processed and have little nutritional value
Pre-packaged cheese dips – These are also processed and don’t have nutritional value
American cheese – What you might not know is that American cheese is actually processed and made from milk and fats.
Other Dairy
If you love dairy products, we have great news! Cheese isn’t the only dairy product good for your health. Other dairy products help to build strong teeth and bones. You could add some more sugar-free yogurt and milk to your diet to get some additional dairy into your body. You could also combine yogurt with some fruit into a refreshing smoothie great for your health.
Your diet plays a large role in your oral health. That’s why it’s important to choose foods that are nutritious and healthy so you can take a step toward having a more beautiful smile. When you visit with your cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX twice a year, you can have a conversation regarding your eating habits. This will give your dentist the chance to suggest what other things you can do to improve your diet.
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