Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Teeth

Halloween is coming and candy consumption is almost unavoidable. That’s why you need to understand that there are some good and bad options when it comes to candy. Both of these will most likely end up in your child’s bag, so be on the lookout.

Worst Halloween Treats

Stay away from sticky and chewy sweets. Things like dried fruits, taffy and gummy candy are often hard for people to resist, but they are even harder to remove from teeth. When they get caught between the teeth and in the tiny crevices, they lead to tooth decay. Even saliva can’t wash them away at this point.

Sour candies are another option to avoid. The acid breaks down your tooth enamel quickly. Thankfully, saliva restores the balance of acid in your mouth so rinsing with some water afterward might help. Just don’t brush right away or you might spread the acid around. Instead, wait at least 30 minutes and then clean your teeth.

Stay away from anything with high levels of sugar. This includes cakes, candy corn and cookies. All of these lead to higher instances of tooth decay.

Best Halloween Treats

Sugar-free hard candy or lollipops help to produce saliva which protects the mouth. Dry mouths allow plaque to destroy the teeth faster, but the increase of saliva helps to wash away any bacteria. Plus, the fact that the candy is sugar-free helps to reduce the number of bacteria that grows in the mouth.

Sugar-free gum also works to fight cavities by increasing saliva and dislodging food particles from between your teeth. They also neutralize acids and stop decay from starting.

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and good for the heart. There are even studies that say it lowers blood pressure.

It’s important to monitor your child’s candy and sugar intake at Halloween and the rest of the year. You also want to ensure they visit the dentist twice a year for a full checkup.


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