Dentist in Houston, TX Shares 3 Flossing Technique Tips

Flossing is unquestionably essential to properly caring for your teeth. But few people do it as often as they should, and plenty of people still never floss at all. Once you get into the habit of flossing every day, though, you will find it hard to stop. Your teeth will be very grateful. If you want to take your flossing to the next level, incorporate these methods into your daily flossing routine.
First and Foremost, Do it the Right Way
As simple of a concept as flossing is, there is definitely a correct (and therefore incorrect) way to do it. To do it the right way, gently work a piece of floss between two teeth. Wrap the floss around the tooth so that it forms a “C” shape around the edges of the tooth. Be sure that you are extending the floss down into the gum pocket, where bacteria and plaque love to hide out. Using a mirror can make this part easier. Move the floss up and down several times, then wrap around the next tooth and do the same. 
Unwind the Floss as You Go
To start flossing, pull out about 18 inches of floss and wrap the majority of it around one finger, while leaving enough to securely wrap it around another finger. After flossing between two teeth, unwind once from the finger with most of the floss. This will move the “used” portion of the floss out of the way and allow you to floss the next teeth with a fresh piece. If flossing removes plaque from your teeth, why would you push it back between your teeth? Using a fresh section of floss for each area is an advanced technique that can certainly make a difference.
Floss After Brushing
For a truly high-level flossing tip, start flossing after brushing. More specifically, brush your teeth and spit out the excess, but do not rinse with water. Immediately begin flossing, following the tips above. By doing it this way, you can push some of the residual toothpaste into the spaces between your teeth—an area it would not reach otherwise. Getting toothpaste (and the fluoride in it) between your teeth can go a long way in preventing cavities in one of their most common locations. 
Clearly, flossing is not as simple an exercise as it seems. By adopting these techniques, you can be sure that your flossing routine is getting the job done and then some. 
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