Brushing in Public

We have all (hopefully) heard of the ‘2x2’ rule for tooth brushing – two times a day, for at least two minutes, but many of us eat sugars and acids throughout the day and could use a third brushing session in between our morning and nightly rituals. Here are just a few tips from your River Oaks, Houston, TX dentist, Dr. Simpson on how to brush your teeth discretely in public.


It may seem like a hassle, but there are simple ways to make your brushing sessions quick and easy when you are away from home.


-          Keep it Simple.

o   While your normal electric toothbrush or full size toothbrush is ideal, you are not likely to use it in public! Keep a small, travel-sized toothbrush in your desk, purse or brief case for easy access to your toothbrush at all times.


-          Incorporate it into other habits.

o   Do you head to the gym on lunch? Or maybe you chat at the water cooler at the same time every day? Grab your toothbrush and bring it with you on your way to your daily office pit stops, as you will be more likely to brush if you are already on the go and away from your desk.


-          Keep it short (if you must!)

o   Many are shy when it comes to brushing their teeth in public, so keep it short if you have to! Some brushing is better than no brushing, so if you can only squeeze in a quick, one minute brush you are still helping your teeth and gums stay healthy.


These are just some of the ways to keep your teeth clean while in public situations. For more tips and information, speak with Dr. Simpson at your next appointment. 

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